Sep 27, 2012

Bad Brains new album, Woodstock Film Fest, smoking herb with Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields(?) partaking of the sacred herb with HR of the Bad Brains back in the day.

The above candid shot was posted to the Flipside mag facebook page today, and it seemed as good a time as any to mention the new Bad Brains album. Into The Future, self produced by the band, will be released on Nov. 20 via Megaforce Records. If you want to check out the title track, you can do that here. The band are into their 35th year of existence.

In other news, the Woodstock Film Festival (Woodstock NY) will be screening Band In DC - about the Bad Brains, as well as Charles Bradley: Soul of America, about the Daptone Records very own Screaming Eagle of Soul.

Bad Brains - official website
Charles Bradley - official website

Charles Bradley doc trailer:

Bad Brains doc trailer:

1 comment:

hubs said...

That photo isn't of Brooke Shileds but Brooke does have real punk rock roots.

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