Oct 22, 2012

Seasonal Playlist: Love Is Colder Than Death - The Music of Fassbinder, by Jackie McKeown

01. Main Title (Berlin Alexanderplatz) - Peer Raben
02. Memories Are Made Of This (Veronika Voss) - Peer Raben (Vocal By Rosel Vech)
03. Franz B (Berlin Alexanderplatz) - Peer Raben
04. Lonely Boy (Jailbait) - Paul Anka
05. Oh, Little Love (Veronika Voss) - Peer Raben
06. Frankie Teardrop (In A Year With Thirteen Moons) - Suicide
07. We Love You (Fear Of Fear) - The Rolling Stones
08. Main Title (I Only Want You To Love Me) - Peer Raben
09. Good Evening (Beware Of A Holy Whore) - Peer Raben (Vocal By Gunther Kaufmann)
10. Jailhouse Rock (Rio Das Mortes) - Elvis Presley
11. Try To Sing (In A Year With Thirteen Moons) - Peer Raben
12. Serenade Out Of Tune (Lola) - Peer Raben
13. Radioactivity (Chinese Roulette / Berlin Alexanderplatz) - Kraftwerk
14. Theme (Women In New York) - Peer Raben
15. Me And Bobby Mcghee (Berlin Alexanderplatz) - Janis Joplin
16. The Likeness (Despair) - Peer Raben
17. I've Got Enough Heartaches (Beware Of A Holy Whore) - Spooky Tooth
18. Serenade For Franz (Fox And His Friends) - Peer Raben
19. Geh' Nicht Vorbei (Why Does Herr R Run Amok?) - Christian Anders
20. Frankfurt Overture (Mother Kusters Goes To Heaven) - Peer Raben
21. Run Boy Run (Veronika Voss) - Sanford Clark
22. Walk In The Forest (Gods Of The Plague) - Peer Raben
23. So Much Tenderness (The American Soldier) - Peer Raben (Vocal By Gunther Kaufmann)
24. My Way To You (Beware Of A Holy Whore) - Peer Raben (Vcls By Kristana Van Eyck / Marlene Ricci)
25. Let's Go Get Stoned (Beware Of A Holy Whore) - Ray Charles
26. Franz Biberkopf (Berlin Alexanderplatz) - Peer Raben
27. Why Don't You Try (Fear Of Fear) - Leonard Cohen
28. Computer Love (Theatre In Trance) - Kraftwerk
29. Theme (Katzelmacher) - Peer Raben
30. Candy Says (Berlin Alexanderplatz) - The Velvet Underground
31. Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves (Querelle) - Peer Raben (Vocal By Jeanne Moreau)
32. The Great Pretender (Bitter Tears Of Petra Von Kant) - The Platters
33. Believe In Fantasy (Beware Of A Holy Whore) - Peer Raben (Vocal By Gunther Kaufmann)
34. Capri Fisher (Lola) - Peer Raben (Vocal By Barbara Sukowa)
35. Try To Sing (In A Year With Thirteen Moons) - Peer Raben
36. In Love With Terror Excerpt - Raf
37. Atlantis (Berlin Alexanderplatz) - Donovan

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