Jan 9, 2013

Incredible! The Yardbirds cover the Velvet Underground!

Hat tip to Doom & Gloom From the Tomb for pointing this one out...Its the Yardbirds playing the Velvets then not-yet-classic "I'm Waiting For My Man" on their final tour in 1968. The quality isn't great, but what do you want, fer christsakes?

From the final U.S. tour in the spring and summer of 1968. Recorded at the Shrine Exposition Hall in L.A. Personnel are Keith Relf (vocals & harp), Chris Dreja (bass), Jim McCarty (vocals & drums) and Jimmy Page (guitar). The British quartet were the first major group to cover a Velvet Underground song.

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MJG196 said...

This was definitely part of their set at the time and not just a one-off. I have a recording of their Fillmore West performance where they do it, as part of a medley with "How Many More Years."

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