Jan 9, 2013

More Wilko Johnson

Not the face of a man who is going to die of pancreatic cancer
After some discussion with my friend Gary about Wilko, I've been thinking about him. Look at that face, look into those eyes. If you've ever seen this guy - even on film or TV - he just has an undeniable energy. His guitar playing is so muscular, he puts most so-called rockers to shame. Anyway, one thing led to another and I came across a few good clips to share of Wilko and Dr. Feelgoods. This one goes out to him.

Being interviewed by Jools Holland:

Dr. Feelgood perform "She Does It Right" on The Geordie Scene in 1975:

Trailer for Oil City Confidential - the Dr. Feelgood documentary by Julien Temple:


MJG196 said...

He also plays the magnificently eerie (and tongueless) executioner on Game Of Thrones!

daisy said...

incredible... i saw him at Southend Pier with Mink De Ville as the opening band. It wasn't cool in those days to go in and see the "B" band but I did pop my head in for Mink De Ville who were dressed in purple velvet. But NOTHING prepared me for seeing Wilco.
UNFORGETTABLE performance.
I remember getting down the front because I couldn't believe there wasn't a trampoline on the stage. he would jump so high.

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