Feb 4, 2013

Catching up with Nightclubbing: The Offs and Ballistic Kisses

Following the wonderful playlist from Pat & Emily last week, I've been remiss in posting the recent couple of entries by them for their East Village Local column. Here they are for further investigation: 

The Offs

The Offs First Record. Artwork by Jean Michel Basquiat. Back cover pictured below.

Looking back at the cover of the L.P. that The Offs released in 1984, we didn’t remember that Jean-Michel Basquiat had designed it. But the image of their lead singer, Don Vinyl, face down, his bicep glistening with the tattoo of a .45 pistol — that we had not forgotten. Continued here.

Ballistic Kisses

Ballistic Kisses by Emily Armstrong

In 1980, Ronald Reagan ushered in a long cold winter of conservatism in America. But a little bit of heat was generating on the Lower East Side. Over on the Bowery, the Ballistic Kisses were in their loft, practicing. With a sound that combined post-punk and politics, they brought something new to the downtown club scene. Continued here.

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