Mar 12, 2013

Stupefied: The Tav Falco Playlist

This week's edition of the Stupefied playlist is brought to us by Mr. Tav Falco. In case you don't know, Tav is probably the one musician who can claim to be the common factor between Alex Chilton and The Cramps, and the rockabilly revival of the late 70's which eventually became known as psychobilly. And like Chilton, he's also from the south. Like many underground musicians & artists at the time (i.e. punk, and thousands of miles away from Memphis TN), Falco started creating "art action" videos, and moved from there into music. Helped along by Chilton, Tav Falco's Panther Burns released their first album in the very early 80's, Behind the Magnolia Curtain, and haven't looked back since.

Besides creating an extensive discography since those early days, Falco has also added acting to his repertoire appearing in more than a few films since the 80's. Most recently, he also co-authored an ambitious and excellent two-part history of Memphis entitled Ghosts Behind the Sun: Splendor, Enigma & Death: Mondo Memphis Volume 1, (part 2 being written by Eric Morse) published by Creation Books. Scroll down below the playlist to see the current tour itinerary for Panther Burns, which includes some readings for the Mondo Memphis book. A BIG thank you to Tav for this incredible list! (Continued after the jump)

Tav Falco's Top Twenty:

01. A la Gran Muñeca by Carlos DiSarli - The most profoundly ethereal tango ever composed.
02. Milonga Vieja by Orchestra Juan D’Arienzo - A noble Gaucho influenced milonga dance from Buenos Aires.
03. Desde el Alma by Osvaldo Pugliese - An elegant and enthralling tango vals.
04. La Cumparsita by Bianco Bachicha - A lugubrious tango danced from 5PM to 7PM in the tea rooms of BsAs.
05. Romance de Barrio by Anibal Arias & Osvaldo Montes - The theme song for my new movie Urania Descending.
06. Donauwellen by Alfons Bauer and Orchestra - An essential Viennese waltz played on the concertina.
07. Harry Lime Theme by Anton Karas - This music drew me to the former American zone of old Vienna where I now reside.
08. I’m a Fool to Want You by Chet Baker - The arch romantic and tragic musical figure of American music. A masterpiece.
09. Revelation on the Banks of the Pawtuxent by John Fahey - As a youth, I swam in the Ouachita River of which Fahey intones.
10. Quando Vedrai La Mia Ragazza by Little Tony Ciacci - I was so swept away with this number that I recorded it on the Shadow Dancer LP.
11. Guarda Che Luna by Fred Buscaglione - An icon in Italy until he crashed his pink T-Bird on the Adriatic coast in 1959; I recorded it on the Shadow Dancer LP.
12. Telstar by The Tornados - The quintessential Joe Meek production - unattainable by any human standards. Immortal.
13. The Wild One (Hot Blood) by Shorty Rogers - Hop-head R&B scored in Hollywood for the raunchy motorcycle movie – sheer folk poem divine.
14. Quiet Village by Martin Denny - Maestro of TiKi Goth/Eros evocation floating far out of the Maui jungles into the oceanic stratosphere.
15. Blonde Red Head by DNA - Explosive truncated interlude by LES proto-tonal explorers DNA with friends Tim Wright and Arto Lindsay.
16. Batterie : The Paul Bley Quintet - Explores still uncharted extraterrestrial territory. I met his wife Carla in New York.
17. Jungle Fever By Charlie Feathers - Wicked and frolicking mid-70s disco version of Charlie Feathers classic hillbilly moan.
18. Bangkok by Alex Chilton - Tiptoes through the tulips in this fierce original rendition. Recorded mid-70s in New York, he plays all instruments.
19. No Pity In the Naked City by Jackie Wilson - The big city romantic sound of Jackie Wilson.
20. Lonely Teardrops by PJ Proby - By the enigmatic supreme stylist of all time PJ Proby. No one has pipes and knows what to do with them like PL Proby.

Tav Falco PANTHER BURNS Tour Schedule 2013

25 Jan: Frankfurt – Orange Peel
26 Jan: Stuttgart – Goldmark’s

26 March: Sydney - Repression (Ghosts Book reading)
27 March: Sydney – The Square
28 March: Byron Bay – Int’l. Blues Festival
29 March: Byron Bay – Int’l. Blues Festival
30 March: Melbourne – The Tote
31 March: Melbourne – Boogie Festival
01 April: Melbourne – Polyester (Ghosts Book reading)

17 April: Bergamo, tba
18 April: Rome, tba
19 April: Gambettola, ForlìCesena - Treesessanta
20 April: Milan – ARCI Lo-Fi Festival

24 April: Basel – Das Schiff (Ghosts Book reading)
25 April: Basel – Das Schiff
26 April: Schaffhausen – Club Cardinal
27 April: Thun – Cafe Mokka
28 April: Lucerne - Sedel

03 May: Antwerp – The Trix
04 May: Paris – Petit Bain
05 May: Wattrelos (near Lille) - Club Boîte à Musique

08 May: Vienna – Literaturhaus (Ghosts Book reading)
29 May: Vienna – Chelsea
30 May: Nürnberg – K4
31 May: Munich – Atomic Café
01 June: Berlin – Bassy Club
02 June: Berlin – tba (Ghosts Book reading)
03 June: Hamburg – tba (Ghosts Book reading)
04 June: Hannover – Galerie Lunar (Ghosts Book reading)
05 June: Cologne – tba (Ghosts Book reading)
06 June: Frankfurt - Orange Peel (Ghosts Book reading)
07 June: Cologne - MTC
08 June: Hamburg – Hafen-Kling


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