Apr 5, 2013

Movie of the Week - Out There: Postcard Records

Thanks to Kyle, we have a full slate of Scottish music-related docs on the schedule for this weekend. We get things off on the good foot with this television doc about Postcard Records.

Postcard was a Glasgow-based independent record label founded by Alan Horne & Edwyn Collins in 1979, as a vehicle for Orange Juice and Josef K releases. The label's motto was "The Sound of Young Scotland", a parody/tribute to the Motown motto, "The sound of young America." Although short-lived, Postcard was to prove a key influence on the C86 indie-pop movement.

The label's first release was Orange Juice's, "Falling and Laughing", which was jointly financed by Horne and band members Edwyn Collins and bassist David McClymont, and was released in the spring of 1980.The label went on to sign such bands as Aztec Camera and The Go-Betweens, before becoming bankrupt in 1981. Horne resuscitated Postcard in 1992, but they didn't last much longer the second time than they did the first. Edwyn Collins recently started using the cat-with-drum logo as his own in tribute to his own history.

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