Aug 29, 2013

Lou Reed's 1970 acoustic demos

It was only a matter of time before these recording hit the right site, and were made available legally or otherwise. I was lucky enough to hear them several years ago, and was sworn to secrecy. The person who played them for me told me he had promised his source that he would never copy them, or give them to anyone. Which, as far as I know, he did.

If you consider yourself a big Lou Reed fan, I highly recommend grabbing these demos while they're available. Its history in the making, and a great insight into his working process. To download these, as well as a terrific write up on this period of Lou's career, visit A History of the Underground Record Industry

A tip o' the hat to the Aquarium Drunkard.

Fall 1970:
1. I'm So Free
2. I Can't Stand It
3. Walk and Talk It

Winter 1970:
4. Going Down
5. Ride Into the Sun
6. I'm Stick With You
7. Lisa Says
8. Kill Our Sons (aka Kill Your Sons)
9. Lonely Saturday Night (aka Goodnight Ladies)
10. So in Love (unavailable elsewhere)
11. She's My Best Friend
12. Looking Through the Eyes of Love (aka Oh Jim)

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