Sep 23, 2013

Jim Riecken RIP

Jerry Rubino remembers longtime friend, and WFDU DJ, Jim Riecken

R.I.P. "Your Ol' Pal" Jim Riecken: 

I've been trying to figure out all day what to say here. A lot has been going through my head since I first heard last September that Jim only had a year or so to live. Not only about Jim, but life itself.

I first met Jim when I started at WFDU-FM in spring of 1981. He had already been at the station for a few years or so. He, like the other small "new music" staff at the time, all came from different backgrounds and areas of New Jersey. But our love of music brought us together. Many of the on-air personalities at at the station came and went over the years, but Jim never left. He gave up his overnights for a handful of years, and for most of his tenure at the station, spent almost every Saturday night at the station, for the love of music and playing music for the tri-state area that HE thought EVERYONE should like. I don't think he missed more than 5 shows before the beginning of this year. Jim did a lot not only for the artists he played, but built one of the most dedicated group of listeners and station supporters over the years.

All of Jim's shows were an pleasant adventure. Not only musically, but what Jim talked about and ranted about in-between the music. Of course I will miss this, but most of all I will miss the guy who did and said what he believed in.

I'm happy that a few weeks ago I was able to see Jim, chat a bit, listen to him talk about The Bowery Boys and make me smile with him one last time.

As it was best fit, Jim left us all, last night, on a Saturday. He wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I'm gonna miss you big time, Jim........


Anonymous said...

so very very sorry to hear about jimmy,,i remember him from when he was a little boy,,,my sympathy goes out to his whole family,,,especially his mom,,,much love freda,,,

Dan Riecken said...

Thank you, who ever you are, Danny

Anonymous said...

I am devestated. I listened today Jim for 30 years. The Cure Joy Division The Fall all when it was new. And garage. And MOULDY OLDIES! I think Man Or Astroman got their between song B-movie soundbites from Jim's show. 30 years and we never met in person yet I feel Iost a personal friend. My heart goes out to all his loved ones. - Joe from East Meadow NY.

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