Oct 23, 2013

Shot by: Jonh Ingham

5 November, 1976, RCA London. Subway Sect in full flight.
The stunning shot above of the Subway Sect was taken by long time Sounds journalist, Jonh Ingham, 37 years ago. Jonh tells us he'll be publishing a book next year entitled 1976: London Punk Eyewitness. If this photo is anything to go by it ought to be quite a book! Article's by Jonh can be found at Rock's Back Pages, he tweets here, and occasionally blogs here.

I'm not sure if the Clash photos below will be used in his book, but he also shared them - The Clash at their fifth ever gig on Oct. 9, 1976. The photos were taken by Harald Inhulsen, President of the German Iggy Pop Fan Club. Jonh provided the short story to go along them as he was at the gig.

The Clash at Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre, Leyton Buzzard, Oct 9, 1976. This was their fifth gig. From memory the stage had carpet on it, which ran up the wall and both Mick and Joe took runs up it while playing. In the wide shot Sebastian Conran is on the far right.

They finished their set in 30 minutes because all the songs were about 2 minutes long; the promoter went mental because they were hired for an hour set. Joe came running over to me asking what they should do...as if being a seasoned music writer meant I had the answers! I told him to play the set again and throw in some oldies if they knew any. They played "White Riot" and 3 or 4 more and the promoter seemed placated. I ran into ZigZag editor Pete Frame and Kris Needs in the lobby. Pete had the stunned look I was getting used to seeing on 'first-timers' and started putting them down. "What's the matter grandad? Too old for some rock and roll?", I replied. He told me some months later that he took the words to heart and decided to resign from ZigZag - which made me feel terrible because he was such a great presence. But he turned it over to Kris so it was still in safe hands.

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