Dec 19, 2013

Five by Five: Year End Favorites, Part 1

I put out the call to some friends for a simple list of five favorites from the year...anything: events, concerts, recordings, personal moments, whatever. The title is in honor of the first responder, Andrew Loog Oldham, being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. A big congratulations to him! This is the first of three installments.

ALO by Ambrea Dean

Andrew Loog Oldham -

1. Shambhala Mountain Center. "Chi-Gung, meditation, 12-step seminar," December 5th-8th MM13 with Kevin Griffin & Greg Pergament.
2. Re-watching Lou Reed's BERLIN directed by Julian Schnabel
3. Catching the hype as opposed to the content of David Bowie's THE NEXT DAY
4. Catching, finally, Wayne Wang's SMOKE with Harvey Keitel & William Hurt
5. HOUSE OF CARDS w/Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright...

RB, Mudd, 1979
Richard Boch - Top 5 Meals at Dave's Luncheonette, Canal Street NYC 1979-80:

5. Eggs Over, Potatoes, White Toast, Extra Grease
4. Eggs Over, Potatoes, White Toast, Extra Grease, Coffee
3. Hot Dog with Mustard To Go
2. Hot Dog with Mustard, Onions, Sauerkraut To Go
1. Two Hot Dogs with Mustard, Onions, Sauerkraut and a Vanilla Egg-cream ~ the second Dog eaten on the front steps of the Mudd Club

Delphine Blue - Top 5 Non-Brooklyn events:

Delphine at by Janette Beckman
Mark & Cetera, Santo's Party House, 4/17/13 - Mark Kamins' sudden passing in February knocked the club music world on its ass. The party to celebrate him was an ecstatic night featuring 19 DJs and the first performance by Konk since 1986, not to mention Coati Mundi, Johnny Dynell, Lady Miss Kier and many others. Everyone swore they saw Mark in the crowd, more than once....

The Clocktower closing party 11/23/13 - Our out-going Mayor sells the municipal building known as The Clocktower (designed by Stanford White), home to the Clocktower Gallery since 1973 and Art on Air Internet Radio. Before its conversion to condos the farewell party was an orgy of art and music and an amazingly cool looking crowd. Alanna Heiss who ran this little arts mecca made her farewell toast on the spiral staircase to the clock. The party featured a sunset dance on the roof by legendary Butoh dancer Min Tanaka.

Lou Reed Memorial, Apollo Theater 12/16/13 - A beautiful touching, intimate, and at times very funny memorial designed by Laurie Anderson featuring Lou's tai chi master Ren Guangyi as well as Hal Willner, Jenni Muldaur, Philip Glass, Emily Haines, Patti Smith etc. plus amazing film clips. Everyone floated out the door when it ended, entirely uplifted.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Beacon Theater 3/29-3/30 - So intensely amazing that I only went one night. To see it a second night might have lead to a sensory overdose.

Peter Hook and The Light Webster Hall, 9/13/13 - The infamous feud between the original members of New Order prevented fans from seeing all the players together. New Order played outdoors in Brooklyn on 7/24/13 bringing fans a lot of joy. But Peter Hook has been touring Joy Division's albums with his own band since 2010. This show featured the entire New Order albums Movement and Power Corruption and Lies. There was a lot of 'fuck you, here's how we do it' making for a blisteringly hot performance.

Kate With Bob Marley
Kate Simon - Here are 5 showbiz biographies that filled me with joy:

by Mac Rebennack & Jack Rummel

by David Ritz & Etta James

by George Jacobs & William Stadiem

by Patricia Seaton Lawford

by Sachi Parker & Frederick Stroppel

Laura self-portrait

Laura Levine

May 1
September 26
February 20
March 14
August 2

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