Dec 19, 2013

Lou Reed's Private Memorial, Apollo Theater, NYC 12.16.13

Lou by David Gahr
This past Monday, friends & family of Lou Reed gathered at the Apollo Theater in Harlem for a private, invite-only memorial service. Jim Fouratt was kind enough to tape it, and its an incredible document. 

Jim writes: THIS A IS A LOW RES GOOD AUDIO DOCUMENTATION OF MOST THE PERFORMANCES AT THE Memorial. Includes Laurie Anderson, Mo Tucker, John Cale, Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, Paul Simon, Antony, John Zorn, Jenny Muldar, Lenny Kaye, Mark Ribot, Hal Wilner + others. I made it for myself and share it with all LOU fans who were not able to attend. Let me put the memorial into context: In the Buddhist tradition it takes days 49 days for the spirit to leave the body. It is called "bardo." Like Jewish Shiva, Irish wakes and different cultural rituals, it is a time for the living to share stories and simply just sit together to help each other and most importantly help the spirit be fully freed into into the Cosmos, December 16 was the fiftieth day and at the Apollo Theater a celebration of Lou Reed's life and work took place with his friends and family gathered with his wife the artist Laurie Andersen all saying goodbye, good speed Lou.

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