Jan 22, 2014

Julian Cope Live at The Ritz, NYC, 01.28.87

While putting up last night's post with the Teardrop Explodes live set from 1981, I came across this solo Julian show, shot at the Ritz in NYC by MTV, in January of 1987. He was on tour at the time for his third solo album, Saint Julian. I was at this show and don't recall any cameras, but then again it was a very long time ago, and who knows where my head was at this particular evening?


01. Trampolene
02. Pulsar
03. Eve's Volcano
04. Strasbourg
05. St. Julian
06. Sunspots
07. Non Alignment Pact
08. Bouncing Babies
09. The Greatness And Perfection Of Love
10. Bandy's First Jump
11. Shot Down
12. Spacehopper
13. Zabriskie Point
14. World Shut Your Mouth
15. Levitation


daisy said...

your head was in the right place. What a great set. Thanks for remember and posting. xox

Earthdog70 said...

Thanks for this. Any chance of posting as MP3's?

Tim Broun said...

I don't have the audio...sorry 'bout that. I imagine MP3's are out there somewhere if you look in the right places. Try http://www.dimeadozen.org/.

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