Feb 21, 2014

Keep It Under 45: Sean's Music Check-In

Sean Rutkowski checks in with the second edition of Keep It Under 45 and some smokin' new tunes. Follow him on Twitter: @keepitunder45

The Snow & Ice are starting to melt down here in "Hotlanta".  It has been a brutal winter but we will all soon be complaining of how hot the summer is soon enough.

Are you listening to anything exciting?  Here are some things to try:

De Lux
I was turned on to this band who recently put out an EP through Scion http://bit.ly/1me1CUl)  and they have a full length coming is coming out in April. If you wish the Talking Heads were still making music then I think you will like this one.
Single-"Better At Making Time"- http://bit.ly/1bsIM7z

Gardens & Villa
The last album from Gardens & Villa had one of my favorite songs of that year, "Black Hills" (and a pretty great video http://bit.ly/1dLdz9V).  The new album "Dunes" came out a few weeks ago and it is a nice chill album. 
Single-"Colony Glen"  http://bit.ly/1kFgucT

Wild Beast
Wild Beast have already put two songs out there from their album, that comes out in a few weeks called "Present Tense"-very dream pop sounding.   I am looking forward to hearing the whole album as both tracks are really good.
Single-"Sweet Spot"  http://bit.ly/1lKwBDO

Queen Kwong
Though not representative of her in your face heavy live shows, I really like this song from her EP that came out last year.  This video is creepy in that David Byrne/St. Vincent album cover  sort of way.  Note: there is nothing wrong with your video screen.
Single-"Sucker"  http://bit.ly/NGtzoJ

Young Widow
If you are missing the heavy-the new Young Widow album might do the trick.  I have always been a fan and plus everyone needs a little heavy in their life.
Single-"Kerosene Girl" http://bit.ly/1eSLW4V

If you also looking for something to take you down a time sucking rabbit hole check out this site of weird album covers-http://bit.ly/1gA6MDi

I hope you have a great weekend and stay warm!

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