Feb 19, 2014

Mark Kamins interview with Love Saves the Day author Tim Lawrence

Kamins at Danceteria. Courtesy of Emily Armstrong.
Writer Tim Lawrence, who wrote the indispensable history of dance music in New York City during the 70's, Love Saves the Day, conducted a lengthy interview with longtime DJ and record producer, Mark Kamins back in 2008. At the time, Lawrence was doing research for his long awaited Love Saves-follow up, Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor, 1980-83, due in 2015.

Kamins, of course, was an essential face on the scene at the time between DJ'ing at clubs like Danceteria, and working with artists. He is best known for helping Madonna get her record deal, and did plenty of great remixes, and recordings as well, which has been thoroughly documented. He was tireless, and sadly passed away about a year ago.

Red Bull Music Academy recently posted a short version of the interview, and if you're really compelled, you can get the entire thing over at Tim Lawrence's site. While reading, I suggest listening to this terrific collection of Kamin's related recordings curated by Lawrence, and posted by Red Bull.

Danceteria flyer for opening night. Courtesy of Rudolf Piper.

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rocknpunkdad said...

PROPAGANDA magazine owes a lot to Danceteria, I had many a great nights there seeing wonderful bands and meeting great people.

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