Nov 2, 2014

Listen to James Chance's DJ set on WNYU now!

In case you missed James Chance's recent appearance on WNYU's Shake 'Em On Down, the show is now archived & streamable. He played a hell of a set. Listen to the entire thing here.

  1. James Brown "Super Bad Parts 1, 2, and 3" Super Bad (King) LP 1971
  2. Dizzy Jones "I Don't Care" The Godfather's R& B - James Brown Productions 1962-67 (BGP Records) CD 2008
  3. Marva Whitney "I Made a Mistake" Live and Lowdown at the Apollo (King) LP 1969
  4. The Rhythm Machine "The Kick" The Funky 16 Corners (Stones Throw) CD 2001
  5. Dyke And The Blazers "Stuff" So Sharp! (Kent) CD 1991
  6. Dynamic Corvettes "Keep Off The Grass" Funky Sex Machines (Soul Patrol) LP 2009
  7. James Chance And Les Contortions "Home Is Where The Hatred Is" Incorrigible! (Le Son Du Maquis) CD 2011 {Gil Scott-Heron cover.}
  8. Bobby & Deborreh Williams "The Pusher’s Thang" Ancestors of Rap (Tramp) CD 2012
  9. Lightnin' Rod "Sport" Hustlers Convention (United Artists) LP 1973
  10. Ann Alford "Gotta Get Me a Job" SuperFunk (Ace) CD 2000 {Originally released in 1971.}
  11. Harvey Scales "Broadway Freeze" Stax Of Funk. The Funky Truth (BGP Records) CD 2000
  12. Aalon Butler & the New Breed Band "Gettin' Soul Part 1" (Tramp) 7" 2013
  13. Junior & The Classics "Kill the Pain" (Magic Touch) 7"
  14. The Young Rascals "Love Is a Beautiful Thing" Collection (Atlantic) LP 1967
  15. The Rationals "Little Girls Cry" Be Rational! (Ace) CD 2009
  16. Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels "I Had it Made" Breakout…!!! (New Voice Records) LP 1966
  17. Earl Bostic "Time on My Hands" C'mon And Dance With Earl Bostic (King) LP 1956
  18. LaVern Baker "Trying" The Uncollected LaVern Baker (Royale) CD {Originally released in 1962}
  19. Dinah Washington "I Wanna Be Loved" Queen of the Jukebox "Live" 1948-1955 (Baldwin Street Music) CD 2000 {Recorded at Birdland, July 21, 1951.}
  20. Little Jimmy Scott "If You Only Knew" The Savoy Years & More... (Savoy Jazz) CD 1999 {Originally released in 1956.}
  21. Big Maybelle "I Could Make You Care" Ladies Sing The Blues - Volume 2 (Savoy) CD 1981
  22. James Chance And Les Contortions "Yesterdays" Incorrigible! (Le Son Du Maquis) CD 2011
  23. Billie Holiday "Yesterdays" Strange Fruit (Atlantic) CD 1972

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