Jan 27, 2015

Just Because: Lou Reed on WPIX in 1979

Loaded: Lou Reed & John Cale at Lou's house in New York, Christmas 1977 - by Kate Simon
Originally surfacing a little over a year ago, I was listening to this wonderful bit of audio ephemera tonight, and then came upon the Soundcloud upload...This guest DJ spot by Lou Reed on WPIX in 1979 is definitely worth a listen - if you've heard it before, or especially if you haven't. There's great music & talk, Lou takes calls, and does what he was great at, i.e. being Lou. John Cale shows up at one point as well. You can skip segment #12 if you're pressed for time as that has nothing to do with Lou's appearance.

You don't really hear people who speak like this any longer. From Lou, to the call in guests, there's a definite NY in the accent as well as some slight neurosis & attitude.

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