Jun 9, 2015

Audio of the Week: Noise The Show #18, #19, #21, #24 with Tim Sommer, WNYU (1981)

Courtesy of Everybody Wants What the Next Guy's Got, we'll now be able to enjoy digitized rare tapes of the infamous WNYU show, Noise The Show, hosted by Tim Sommer, in the early 80's. And he did a real nice job in annotating each episode.

In the summer of 2014, I went googling to see if any episodes of Noise The Show were on youtube (there are) or on blogs similar to this one (there are.) I even stumbled across a facebook group dedicated to the show. Earlier this year, a group member mentioned having a box of tapes of a bunch of episodes, and lacked the gear necessary to digitize them. I spoke up and offered to get these tapes into a format that’s sharable on the internets. Which brings us to this post. Continued at the following link:


holly said...

this is f*ing brilliant. i am downloading right now and cannot wait to hear it. i think i listened to the first episode live. i loved noise the show and dig the Exploited song class war, and probably have not listened to it in 30 years plus. thanks for posting. xholly

holly said...

i take it back, i don't dig that exploited song, i am thinking of class war by someone else, that goes "i want a war between the rich and the poor, i wanna fight and know what i'm fighting for, class war class war" the subhumans? any guesses. none the less, i am loving listening to the show. thanks again. xHolly

Tim Broun said...

Holly - You're thinking of the Dils song! But yeah - don't these sound good? It really surprised me. I also love the ad for 99 Records, and Tim talking about the shows. Let's go!

holly said...

really great. this is thepeak of hardcore. everything after this period moves in a different direction. brilliant. xh

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