Sep 21, 2012

Swing For A Crime!

One of my all time favorite compilations, I picked up Swing For A Crime sometime back in the 80's on vinyl and haven't looked back since. To my ears, its right up there with the timeless Beat-inspired comp, Pictures From The Gone World (featured here years ago), and has lead me in all sorts of directions as far as listening habits go. Twilightone!, an MP3 blog well worth following, has just posted this album, and if you don't check it out...well, lets just say you should. Comps this good do not grow on trees. Grab it here.

1. The Hollywood Persuaders: Drums A-Go-Go 
2. Patsy Raye & The Beatniks: Beatnik's Wish 
3. Johnny Brown & The Joy Boys: Suspense 
4. Ric Gary: Pimples and Braces 
5. Barney Kessel: Honey Rock 
6. Sy Oliver: Stu's Blues 
7. Les Baxter: Boomada 
8. Bing Day: Mama's Place 
9. The Vikings: Nicotine 
10. Art Van Dam: Voodoo Doll 
11. Cozy Cole: Big Noise From Winnetka 
12. Linda Burnette: My Old Model T 
13. The Triumphs: Joust About 
14. The Originals: The Whip 
15. Viscounts: Harlem Nocturne 
16. Nat Kendrick & The Swans: Hot Chile 
17. The Royal Jokers: Vibrations 
18. Tony Rodelle Larson: Bear Rug 

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This is great. Thank you very much!

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