Nov 19, 2012

The Smith Tapes - released tomorrow & Kickstarter campaign ending soon!

From the NY Times today, The Smith Tapes: "...more than 100 interviews with rock stars, artists and assorted radicals recorded from 1969 to 1972 by Howard Smith, a longtime writer for The Village Voice. They have now been cataloged and packaged for the digital era as “The Smith Tapes” and will be released in monthly batches over the next year. The first, with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Lou Reed, Frank Zappa, Mr. Clapton and others, comes out Tuesday through Amazon’s MP3 store and next week on iTunes. Read the entire article here. If physical formats are more your thing, donate to the Kickstarter campaign (trailer below)which will make available a boxset of these recordings.

The Smith Tapes - Facebook
The Smith Tapes - Tumblr
The Smith Tapes - Soundcloud
The Smith Tapes - Kickstarter

The Smith Tapes Box Set - 

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