Jan 22, 2013

Another West Village rent increase victim: Bleecker Street Records to close in April? Tropicalia In Furs closed now!

Bleecker Street Records, 239 Bleecker Street, New York, NY (photo source)

According to a recent report by 1010 WINS, Bleecker Street Records will be most likely be closing its doors in April due to that all-too-often occurring reason these days - a rent increase. According to the report, ...1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported the store will probably close in April, because the new landlord plans to jack up the rent to $27,000 a month. Chris Simunek believes that trend is ruining the Village.

“It’s absurd,” he said. “You know, what’s going to go in there is a Starbucks or something , or just something that we already have plenty of.” 

So it seems we'll be bidding yet another New York record store farewell, possibly around the same time that Bleecker Bob's goes away. Obviously, this is not the first or last time we'll hear this story. If you currently have a favorite record store, you'd better hope they have a long term lease, and a really good business emergency plan, in place.

UPDATE: Courtesy of EV Grieve comes the news, just posted today, that East Village vinyl spot, Tropicalia In Furs, has also closed its doors. Located across the street from the now-relocated-to-Los Angeles Gimme Gimme Records, they specialized in an interesting selection of Brazilian, garage, and punk rock from the sixties & seventies.

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adrian callaghan said...

I think I bought an Organic Grooves album from there, circa May 2001. New York Like London, it's quite sad watching these places disappear. Make sure the sign doesn't get chucked away.

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