Mar 9, 2013

Getting ready to see Roxy: Roxette (1977)

Here's an intriguing, but frustratingly short, excerpt from a 1977 documentary about Roxy Music fans entitled Roxette. As the description says, "Extract from a student documentary profiling young Roxy Music fans. In the full film fans talk about the band and the music, are seen out and about in Manchester and getting ready for a concert at the Opera House. Includes footage of a tribute band, who due to a lack of musical instruments use household appliances to make music."

Apologies to the site who originally referred me to it as I can't remember who it was. For more historical glam-related goings-on currently happening in London, I refer you to Paul Gorman here, and the Tate website. They are currently featuring Glam! The Performance of Style.

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