May 1, 2013

It was 33 years ago today: New York's lost new wave radio station, PIX 102, signs off the air

Starting with a one minute commercial for the long gone Soho record store, Rocks In Your Head, check out this incredible video comp of station ID's and commercials for a short lived (but loved by those who listened & remember) New York City radio station, PIX 102, located at 101.9 on your FM dial. An idea that was ahead of its time, the station's format was on the air for only about a year. 

I was reminded of it this morning when a friend posted about it on Facebook, saying "Thirty three years ago today, my favorite radio station signed off the air. WPIX-FM was an amazing and bold radio station, the kind of thing that could only have happened in New York at that time and I was blessed to be there then. The station's format, loosely described as "Elvis to Elvis" played everything from Nervous Norvus and Eddie Cochran to Lene Lovich and Wazmo Nariz. They broadcast live concerts with the Police, The Members, XTC, and many more. The station is name checked in the Squeeze song "I Think I'm Go Go." Frank Zappa hosted afternoon drive every day during Thanksgiving week. The format lasted only a little more than a year..."

Long time metropolitan area DJ, Dan Neer, has a nice remembrance of the station at his website, here.


Unknown said...

great. i loved that station!

Unknown said...

Had the station stayed in the format a few years say 1982, I doubt WLIR would have flipped to New Music. New York wasn't big enough for two stations in that direction yet. I heard their other option was to go adult contemporary.

Unknown said...

I remember that station well.Meg Griffin had the pix penthouse party and mark Simon had dial a date.They played cool stuff like the Specials and xtc

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