May 26, 2015

Great Zoogz Rift! 25 Episodes of New Wave Theatre!

This classic show has been bouncing around for a while in different shapes, sizes & formats, but someone has finally gone and put all 25 episodes up on YouTube. New Wave Theatre, along with Glenn O'Brien's TV Party, can be looked at as one of the better examples of cool in the oasis of mayhem that was early cable TV.

Performances included are by Dead Kennedys, Fear, Plugz, Johanna Wendt, Carnival of Souls, Zoogz Rift, Geza X, Legal Weapon, Unknowns, Angry Samoans, D.I., Los Microwaves, Vox Pop, Circle Jerks, Rayonix, Levi Dexter & the Tribe, UXA, The Blasters, 45 Grave, The Models, X, The Church, Bad Religion, Suburban Lawns, and many others.

The playlist below shows all 25 shows. If you want to see them one at a time, I suggest going to the uploader's YouTube page, and beginning there.

Hat tip to Dangerous Minds.

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